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Wednesday, December 17, 2003
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I just read an article in the NY Times about Viagra’s appeal to younger men. It turns out that a lot of guys well under 50 are now popping the blue pill or its equivalent before a date. Most of these gentlemen never had any problem getting the motor revved up, so to speak. (Sorry, I could say “erectile dysfunction” here, but that ain’t much better than the usual lame euphamism). But it turns out that there’s a weapons race going on out there. Based on the standards set by “Sex in the City” (which admittedly I’ve never watched), young professional women are coming on strong in bed and are expecting marathon performances by their lovers. So as to remain competitive (and let’s face it, sexuality amidst young folk is mostly a raw competitive game, as it is with baboons and tigers), a lot of guys are turning to drugs. The doctors and pharmaceutical manufacturers aren’t complaining one bit; good for business, obviously.

The article cites a 40 year old male lawyer dating an aggressive female lawyer (you don’t see many unaggressive female lawyers) who told him on the third or fourth date that she couldn’t judge a man without first having sex with him. Obviously the guy had to get his drug fix before their next meeting.

Had I been on that date, I would have told her to judge not, that you might not be judged. Obviously I wouldn’t “get lucky” (another lame euphamism) with her anytime soon. The guy in question took his pill and supposedly got rave reviews from his new flame. She was on the phone telling all to her friends within an hour after the gymnastics concluded.

Arg. It sounds like the mating game has become a rough, competitive contact sport. Professional women have earned their sexual equality, but only by co-opting male aggressiveness (and taking it a few steps lower, in my opinion). And the media and the chemical industry are fully cooperating, and not incidently making much money in the process.

This does not seem to be a good time for civility amidst the sexes, for gentileness, for caring, for communicating, for understanding. To me, Viagra is just another sign of the decline of civilization and the coming on of a new dark age. The Roman Empire certainly would have loved that stuff. Like us, the Romans tasted of ideas and culture and commerce and reaped their enormous benefits. For a while they more-or-less kept their virtue, which helped them turn the envious barbarians away. But eventually they got spoiled by their riches and became barbarians themselves. Unfortunately, rich barbarians don’t play the game as well as poor barbarians do.

Here in 21st Century America, we are very rich (compared to the rest of the world), but in a thousand little ways we are becoming more and more barbaric. And at the same time we are seeing more examples of poor and angry barbarians ready to attack us. So far we are holding them off with our high-tech defenses. The Roman Empire didn’t go down right away either — wonder if they had a Department of Homeland Security? The ultimate question, however, is whether history will eventually repeat itself. Will the relentless poor barbarians of today have the same success (if you can call it that) as the Vandals and Visgoths and Franks and Lombards?

Those who ignore the past are doomed to repeat it. Enjoy your Viagra, young Manhattanites. There are probably some pharmacies down near the World Trade Center site where you can pick it up after work.

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