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Monday, August 15, 2005
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WORLD BEAT: When I bought my Corolla after my Prizm got wiped out back in January, I pretty much ignored the radio that came with it. I didn’t have a radio in my last two cars, so I was pretty much used to driving in silence. But I finally gave in to temptation and started tuning in. To make it seem a bit less wicked, however, I tuned in to NPR. At least there’s some educational value in that; it isn’t purely entertainment. So I’ve become an NPR drive-time regular, listening to Morning Edition on the way in and All Things Considered on the homebound trip. And it’s been good for the most part. NPR definitely has a liberal / politically correct bias to it, but that’s mostly OK with me even though haute liberalism gets kind of dippy at times. That dippiness comes thru loud and clear whenever NPR plays music. If they play it on NPR, you know you ain’t gonna be humming it the next day at the watercooler. I appreciate NPR’s respect for cultural diversity, but maybe there’s a reason why American music is popular in La Paz and Malabo and Kuala Lumpur and Bangafore. Maybe it’s better than the indigent stuff from those places (which NPR seems to like so much). Sure sounds that way to me!

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