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Tuesday, July 11, 2006
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We Are Family: I read today that the Prime Minister of Poland resigned after a political tiff, and the President, Lech Kaczynski, appointed his identical twin brother Jaroslaw to take his place. So, the government of Poland has become a family affair. Poland is now being run by biological clones. It should be interesting to see how that works out.

But lest you think they’re completely nuts over there, sixty percent of Poles think that having brothers in the top two government jobs is bad for the country, according to a PBS Center survey.

Let’s hope that these guys aren’t in any way related to Ted Kaczynski, the American “Unibomber”.

We Are Family, Part II: In Newark the other day, police arrested a man while he was attending his father’s funeral. The cops received a tip that the guy had shot and killed the old man a few days before, and would be at the church. Allegedly, Bernard Hoover, age 21, shot his father, 51 year old Earnest Hoover, after the senior Mr. Hoover got involved in a fight between his son and his son’s girlfriend. Hmmm, that would not have been a great idea on a hot summer night (admittedly, that’s said with 20-20 hindsight).

Nonetheless, I take my hat off to whoever dropped the dime on the younger Mr. Hoover. Ratting-out is not a popular thing to do in Newark these days. But the cheekiness of mourning your own father’s death in church after you killed him (assuming that the story holds up in a court of law) obviously violates even the most cynical standards of life and death in the nastiest of neighborhoods. So, they’re not completely nuts over there either.

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