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Sunday, November 1, 2009
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Back to the international scene for a moment. Regarding three middle-eastern countries, I have two notes of interest:

1) A note of irony: The guy we were rooting for in Iran just a few months ago — Hossein Moussavi — is speaking out against any uranium deal with Obama. “If the promises given [to the West] are realized, then the hard work of thousands of scientists would be ruined” according to Mr. Moussavi.

So, last summer’s “Green Revolution” in Iran is still nuclear. Why then did so many Americans get so fired up about it; why were they so critical of President Obama for not doing more for Moussavi? The bomb is not going to be voted down in Iran, even with fair elections.

2.) And as to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan — NY Times columnist Tom Freidman now says that we should concentrate on Iraq and cut bait in Afghanistan. Wait, I’m confused; it wasn’t that long ago when he and most other Democrats, led by Barack Obama, had it just the other way around.

I guess that all you can say about these developments is, “things change”.

◊   posted by Jim G @ 6:55 pm      

  1. Jim,
    Thanks for the "notes" that show the inconsistency in the thinking of the "experts" in the media–some of them considered to speak words from God's own mouth at times. Check out Sunday morning political programs.

    I find myself wondering at the inability of so many people nowadays to think a coherent thought, much less to link two thoughts together.

    I have noticed for the last couple of years that the "New York crowd" of political pundits might be described as incestuous in how they verify their sources, leading to what should be a "fact" checked three times to a "fact" being checked actually one time. For instance, I have read of a situation where under GWB the White House would leak something to Person 1. Person 1 would tell person 2; person 2 would tell person 3. Person 3 would tell a media pundit. Media pundit would call Person 1, then person 2, then the White House to verify that the "fact" was true. In reality the verification did not come from 3 separate sources; it came from one single source.

    Lack of literacy has been rampant in the land for years and years; now it seems the same lack is spreading to even the "educated" and "best minds."

    And tangentially: Rush Limbaugh's current rant that Obama is immature and out of his league seems to me to come from a man who is unable to distinguish between what and how HE thinks should be done and a totally different approach by another person. Again, with all due respect, evidence of small minds.

    Comment by MCS — November 2, 2009 @ 7:26 pm

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