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Thursday, November 11, 2010
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I had today off, and it was a lovely autumn day, a late Indian Summer day. So I went shopping — food shopping. You know that you’re a ‘foodie’ when you enjoy going food shopping.

Well, can’t say that I enjoy the weekly visit to the local ShopRite. But every now and then I get over to the markets in South Paterson. And then I have fun.

Today’s haul included plums, plum tomatos, a gallon container of balsamic vinegar, bulk bags of penne and brown lentils, a retail bag of wagon-wheel pasta (ah, brings back memories of childhood), lemons, apples, yams, cranberries, fresh cranberry beans, butternut squash, organic bananas, basil, green peppers, red frying peppers (never saw those before), pearl onions . . . and a huge cauliflower (for $1.50).

It’s almost like I was running a restaurant. Well, maybe I am; at least in my own head and kitchen. Cue the acoustic guitar — “you can get anything you want . . .”

Just a half mile from the railroad track . . .

Just a half mile from the railroad track . . .

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  1. Jim, Looks like some terrific produce. Around here, where I live, it’s often difficult to get good produce from a grocery store. So I say you have found a great place to shop, unless you go to a farmer’s market. And those have closed down for the season.

    And I never tho’t of thinking in terms of my kitchen being a restaurant to stock with my favorite foods. I go in with my list and usually stick like glue to the list, buying only what’s on the list. But you’ve got some beautiful things. And your approach is definitely a way of making a real chore into a fun time. MCS

    Comment by Mary S. — November 12, 2010 @ 7:47 am

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