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Friday, November 12, 2010
Food / Drink ... Personal Reflections ...

Just a quick follow up thought to my post yesterday on buying food. As a “foodie” with a developed personal food philosophy, I want and need things that aren’t always available in the mainstream. I’m not looking for frozen waffles, tubs of ice cream, boxes of sugar-coated cereal, microwavable pizza, bacon, Oreos, canned spaghetti and meatballs – the stuff that takes up so much space at a typical supermarket. But I’m not totally into the Whole Foods thing either.

So I have to go to more than one food stores to find everything I need. Only Whole Foods has quart-size tubs of soy yogurt, blackstrap molasses, Thai sweet rice and millet. Stop and Shop has frozen grapefruit juice and frozen blueberries. A&P has white tea and Vitamin B complex at a decent price. ShopRite has about 65% of what I use at affordable prices, but I don’t like the way that they discontinue things so quickly (e.g. the more interesting varieties of herbal tea). And ShopRite’s produce prices are ridiculous compared with the South Paterson market stores. And even though their bagels are OK, the ones at the bagel shop in Bloomfield are better and cheaper (not as fluffy, and more poppies or sesame seeds or onion on them).

There just isn’t one food store that satisfies all my needs. I guess that’s the way that I am with people too. I know a lot of wonderful people who share a variety of interests and philosophies with me. But I’ve never met anyone who shares them all. Not even close.

But who knows. Maybe somewhere out there is a food store that has it all under one roof. And maybe somewhere there’s someone who could see the whole picture of me, who could understand it all (or at least 95% of it; I’m not a perfectionist). I can dream, can’t I?

◊   posted by Jim G @ 10:45 pm      

  1. Jim, With all due respect, I think you should give your search for one person who can share the WHOLE you another “think.” Perhaps look at things in another way.

    For instance: I have always thought that it is impossible for one person to meet all the needs of any one other person; no one person is capable of meeting all the needs of another individual. Put another way: It takes more than one person to share the “whole you.” Therefore, one allows different people into one’s life to share different aspects of one’s life. Hopefully that way, one can more closely approximate having his/her “whole” person shared. Your analogy regarding food stores fits perfectly this approach to people. It takes smore than one “kind” (of store or individual) to meet all your needs.

    I can also see another alternative: One could shop at one store, find substitutes for those things that cannot be obtained or found in the one store and be content with that. Thus, to apply the analogy: One could find one person, find some way to have his/her needs met by appreciating qualities the individual may have but that don’t quite meet one’s own needs and be content with that.

    Either way, that’s life on this earth; nothing is perfect or perfectly meets our needs, least of all people. I tend to opt for learning about the person, appreciating what is good about him/her, and enjoying the beauty (here I’ve lost the metaphor, I realize) of the individual as he/she is. I’ve learned that the more one grows to know an individual, the more one is in awe of the beauty of the person. Often that beauty is a wonderful and even better “substitute” for what I thought I wanted in a person.

    To expand the topic a bit: I have to admit that I have never quite understood the kind of “ordering” people do when they consider a life’s partner. The individual must have a certain education, a certain kind of beauty, a certain intellectual level, a certain amount of money, even a certain height, age, and on and on. People seem to think one can go looking for an individual with the “right” characteristics, find that person, and all will be well in the love or spousal or companion department.

    I’d like to reverse that approach: A person comes into one’s life. Get to know the individual, find the good qualities in the person, appreciate the beauty of the person, appreciate simply him/her as he/she is. In short do for another person what one wants for oneself. (After all, isn’t that the whole concept of Christ’s teaching?) Then one will find all sorts of friends, life companions, spouses.

    Putting the emphasis on what *I* want is the killer of almost every relationship. Putting the emphasis on appreciating, understanding, and being able to empathize with the other person is how one develops a relationship. MCS

    Comment by Mary S. — November 13, 2010 @ 7:42 am

  2. Yeah, OK, as to people. But I still think there’s a truly-super supermarket out there somewhere that’s got it all. Like a joint venture between Whole Foods and Trader Joes and Kings and ShopRite and Stop and Shop, all in one huge complex. Maybe in California somewhere? Shoot, I’d be fine if some local supermarket other than Whole Foods started stocking soy yogurt in the 32 ounce size!

    Comment by Jim G — November 13, 2010 @ 8:59 pm

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