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Thursday, January 27, 2011
Personal Reflections ...

I have memories of the long winters and huge snowfalls that happened in the early 1960s, when I was back in 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades. As soon as you went outside you were surrounded by the cold white stuff. There were huge piles of it everywhere you looked. We haven’t had winters like that since.

But actually we have. In fact this winter, just about half over now, has seen more snowfall in my area than any year in the past. We’ve already broken the record, and probably still have a handful of storms yet to go. And actually, the runner-up years were not in the early 60s; the winters of 1996 and 2004 rank 4th and 6th; 1961 comes in 7th.

So we have huge snowpiles everywhere you go. And it’s starting to seem to me like like those early 1960s winters. But the piles today must be worse than in 1961, as we’ve had two-thirds more snow this year (with more to come, most likely). So it’s probably a mind question, about how everything seems bigger when you’re a little kid. I remember the strange feeling I would get as a 5th or 6th grader when I would go into a classroom where I had 2nd or 3rd grade. Everything seemed so much smaller than I had remembered! It seemed like a doll-house version of the classroom that was locked in my 2nd grade memories.

And thus the same for the snows of yesterday. They seemed so big and awesome when I was small. Now it takes a snow monster to re-kindle that feeling. And that snow monster has finally come to New Jersey. This will be a winter to remember! (Along with what I recall as monster snowfall, from 1961).

Stay warm, everyone, and keep your chin up. Spring will get here somehow, someday. It always does. This year, we will definitely have earned it!

◊   posted by Jim G @ 10:11 pm      

  1. Jim, You certainly are right: Things of our childhood look so much smaller when we see them as adults. What we envision as having been huge turns out to be merely a molehill. Everything is relative in the end.

    Yes, you on the East Coast are really getting hit this year. Actually, while we’ve had some of our usual bad and frigid weather (as opposed to chilly, cold, or very cold–so many words to describe the various levels of cold here in the Midwest), so while you have really gotten hit, so far our winter has not been quite that bad. I hope it stays that way for us this year. We deserve a rather decent winter, I’d say, altho I do not wish a bad winter on anyone else.

    I do not remember any winters of my childhood. But I have only too vivid (read terrible) memories of commuting to work during winters that seemed they would never quit: one winter it took the entire month of January to see the ice-covered asphalt on the road; the high temp that year never got above zero for the entire month. Another winter a snow storm stranded everyone, including me, and Chicago was shut down for 2 weeks because of snow–that in 1968 I think. Then there were the winters of 1978 and 1979–two separate winters that inundated us with snow and frigid (read seriously below zero temps). Then there were all the other years that were just plain annoying to trudge through.

    Also remember with tremors the tornado of 1967 that my husband and I barely missed. Our car went thru flooded streets, died, and wouldn’t start again for five minutes or so. Those 5 minutes saved us or we would have been in the midst of the tornado.

    Everybody has their stories, don’t they?

    But somehow we all survived them. So, the other day I stepped out in ordinary clothes with the temp at about 20 or so. I tho’t: Not too bad, almost nice. Once again, when it comes to the weather, everything is relative.

    But you guys out East are really getting it this year. I don’t envy you at all. In fact, I would hope that things improve soon for all. MCS

    Comment by Mary S. — January 28, 2011 @ 7:56 am

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