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Saturday, February 19, 2011
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What’s this? An iceberg? Or the inside of a limestone cave?

No, actually it’s a piece of soap. I tried to cut a big bar of facial soap into three pieces for convenience, but the bar fractured under pressure of the knife.

I find it interesting how certain shapes in nature repeat themselves (sort-of) in different contexts. When viewed from a space capsule, the Mississippi River system looks a bit like the veins of a leaf, or the capillaries in a tiny section of your skin. I believe this is due to the “fractal” concept of shapes and patterns. And hey, even the suds created by soap are a bigger version of the foam on your beer. And they are also perhaps a tiny version of the “multi-verse”, the new concept of the cosmos whereby our known universe is just a tiny bubble in a great foam of different realms.

So, a huge iceberg, the water-shaped walls of a cave, and a broken bar of soap also exhibit fractal similarities. What an interesting world it can be, when you know what to look for.

◊   posted by Jim G @ 3:12 pm      

  1. How right you are, Jim. I really like this thought on fractals. MCS

    Comment by Mary S. — February 20, 2011 @ 3:03 pm

  2. This is beautiful, Jim, yet another of your fascinating observations. Thanks for sharing!

    Comment by spunkykitty — February 25, 2011 @ 5:27 am

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