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Sunday, April 17, 2011
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I’ve been totally geeked out over the past week. I took on an assignment, volunteering to set up a new web site for my zen group. Well, I’m not exactly a cutting-edge web designer, but I can still do OK with your basic Web 1.0 stuff from 1998 (html tables and a little bit of CSS, not even any Javascript). They didn’t need anything too fancy, but I still had to come up with a visual design and an organization scheme for the content. I also had to write up most of that content! Zen according to Jim.

Earlier this week I was toying around with it, not terribly seriously; but then it all started coming together, almost by magic. It seemed to gain a life of its own. I got sucked into its wake; it was bossing me around, not the other way. Thus, I spent every spare minute both at home and at work, even started robbing myself of precious sleep (hardly get enough as is).

Today I’m feeling the consequences, zoned out near the crash zone. But the new site is almost done, although I still have one page yet to flesh out and a photo page to populate (I’ll take most of the photos myself on Friday, which is a holiday for us county workers). I’m hoping to release the new site to the group next weekend. And I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the politics will be minimal, that they’ll accept it without too many changes.

If so, I can then get back to the usual humdrum and 7 hours of sleep (on a good night, anyway). I’m too old now for this 2 am geek stuff at the computer on a regular basis. But hey, it was fun for a few days. In a way, it was a Zen experience in and of itself.

So I didn’t get around to putting my geopolitical ruminations down on paper this past week. You will have to wait a few more days for my next installment on what’s wrong with the world and our country today. For now, the best I can do is to post a shot taken this afternoon inside my bedroom, with the sun illuminating on old arbicola plant that I bought with my ex-wife even before were were married (say 1984).

Oh well, that’s one little thing that is still going right — the plant is alive and the sun still shines into my bedroom sometimes. And who knows, maybe the Clear Mountain Zen Center will get a spanking new web site to replace its short Google sites page, within the month. And stay tuned, I’ll be back here shortly with more boring thoughts about all the great forces of the universe that I can’t control. Once I get some sleep, anyway!

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  1. Jim, What a lovely plant–and one that has lasted so long. I too have had plants last some 20 years plus. And this one still looks great, healthy, and beautiful; while it maybe “old” as far as indoor plants go, it really looks “only” mature, with a lot more years to go yet. Obviously, you have cared for it wonderfully.

    Looking forward to the new Clear Mountain Zen Center website. MCS

    Comment by Mary S. — April 18, 2011 @ 4:44 pm

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