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Saturday, September 17, 2011
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I took a little drive this morning, stopping at a handful of places that had meant something to me in the past. It was a late summer/early autumn trip down memory lane. The coming of autumn always makes me nostalgic.

One of my stops was at the church where I got married way back in the mid-80s, St. Joes in East Rutherford. While walking thru the parking lot looking for a photo angle, I came upon this little scene. A dumpster and some garbage cans — friars only. Hmmmm, makes you consider that St. Francis was born wealthy but voluntarily became a mendicant, trading luxurious clothing and sumptuous meals for what ever he could garner from begging and sifting thru trash heaps (or where ever they put their garbage back in the 13th Century — but is garbage mostly a modern concept, a luxury of affluence?).

Well, I doubt that any modern OFMs had sifted through these bins. And more ironically, the friars are now gone from St. Joes, having given the parish back to the local diocese not long ago in order to conserve their dwindling manpower. So, this sign is a double anachronism, another memory of things that are no more. Which is just what I was searching for this crisp, cool morning.

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  1. Jim, One would think the “no parking friars only” meant “no parking for friars only”–everybody else may park here.

    It amazes me about signs. Sometimes I wonder if the people who write them actually read what they write before they put them up. This seemed funny to me; made me smile.

    But on the note you address–that of the friars having left–it’s amazing to me how many religious orders have combined, melded together because one and/or more orders do not have enough members for the order to maintain itself.

    Now there’s a place/reason for nostalgia if one went to Catholic school in the 20th century. But likely the orders that so proliferated in the 20th century were an anomaly and the orders are returning to what they were originally, small groups of people, offering help for a particular work that needed doing for people. Likely the need for someone to help others is a concept that will never fall into the category of “nostalgia.”

    And once again–nice photo. MCS

    Comment by Mary S. — September 18, 2011 @ 10:25 am

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