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Monday, October 17, 2011
Politics ...

A few days ago (Oct 8, 2011) I wrote about the Republican presidential race; I said that although Rick Perry was down and Herman Cain now seems like the favorite, Perry might yet make a comeback, given that he is the only realistic alternative for the Tea Partiers (who seem to have hi-jacked the Grand Old Party). The fact that Mitt Romney, the logical next-in-line candidate under old-school Republicanism, has been stuck at 25% in the polls for many months speaks volumes on how things have changed.

FYI, there’s a good article today about this by political analyst Charlie Cook in National Journal. Cook says just about what I did. However, unlike me, Cook summed up Cain’s sudden rise at Perry’s expense rather succinctly: “Cain seems to be functioning as a parking place for conservatives who have grown disillusioned or who harbor reservations about the previous flavors of the month . . . it’s a good bet that Cain is little more than a place for conservatives to window shop while they decide what to do.” Regarding Perry’s future prospects: “With the Republican Party wanting to nominate someone of his ilk, the question is whether Perry can effectively grow and develop as a national candidate . . . enough to win outside of the Deep South. If he can, he’s the nominee. If he can’t, he might not be.”

Bravo, well stated! I guess that’s why Cook writes for the National Journal, and I don’t.

◊   posted by Jim G @ 7:12 pm      

  1. Jim, I don’t know. Somehow all the fuss and bother about who’s going to be the GOP candidate eludes me.

    As to Cain: I do think it might be interesting to have 2 Black men running for president. Now that would be a first!

    Then, I think of the Indian older teen boy/man who told Diane Sawyer he wanted to be the first Indian president. There would be another first. I’d like to live to see that.

    But somehow the quote I heard from Cain’s own mouth (unless somehow it was doctored, but it was on one of the major network news programs) sticks in my mind and bothers me: I may not have the quote exact but it said this: If you’re out of a job and not rich, it’s your own fault. Well, now, Mr. Cain! Really! Another one of those who inherited his b/millions. He speaks of living a poor life, but it was his father who actually EARNED the money his family has. There’s a difference in being the one who actually EARNED the money and being the one who inherited it.

    Somehow it seems to me the GOP doesn’t have a grip on the reality of life for ordinary people. MCS

    Comment by Mary S. — October 18, 2011 @ 2:34 pm

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