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Sunday, July 1, 2012
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The town sent a fire inspector over to where I live not long ago who decided that most of the doors needed to go, as they aren’t “fire rated” under modern codes. So the landlord was good enough to shell out for some solid, custom-made new doors last week. Steve, our part-time building superintendent-of-sorts, decided to store the old doors out behind the garage until the next junk pickup by the town.

So, here are some pieces of wood that were once doors, out in the morning sun. Ah yes, doors. Aside from the name of a “heavy” rock group from the 1960s (RIP Jim Morrison), doors are an important but mostly un-thought of part of our lives. We need doors to keep out bugs, bad weather, dust, and other people from important places (like our houses and apartments). Doors give us privacy, comfort and security; a modicum of control in a largely uncontrollable world. It makes you wonder, what would it be like to live in an environment without doors? Is there still a culture on some island or in the heart of the Amazon or the Nile where doors are hardly used? Some animals and bugs also make use of doors to protect their nests and provide shelter from predators.

So these doors have seen their day. But despite all the changes to the world over recent years, despite all the stuff now going out of style like land-line phones and postage stamps and televisions with antennas, doors aren’t going out of our lives anytime soon.

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  1. Jim, A couple of things: First, I wonder if land lines for telephones will be going out of our lives soon–especially after the recent deluge of storms that took out so much electricity. I know that people with land lines still have working phones whereas people that have cordless phones do not have access to a phone at all. If I were living in some parts of the East—and the Midwest here, which has recently had an outage of many thousands of people without electricity due to storms—many of them are simply without phones. Even cellular phones have gone out because their towers have been blown down. So, maybe land lines will have a comeback when people get wise to the advantage of having them.

    Second, when it comes to doors, I tend to think they are filled with symbolism. About four months before I had some emergency surgery that almost lead to my death, I had a dream. In the dream a favorite aunt of mine, long since dead, held open a door for me, beckoning me to walk through. I, however, refused, knowing I had work to do yet before I could walk through the door. Initially, I didn’t think too much of the dream. When I almost died during the emergency surgery, I had a different tho’t about the dream.

    So, I’d say it’s 100% true that doors are likely not going out of our lives soon. MCS P.S. BTW, I think the colors of the door are really pretty. Those old doors, altho they might not be up to fire code certainly had something about them that was beautiful. I like them, and I like your picture of them.

    Comment by Mary S. — July 2, 2012 @ 2:02 pm

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