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Saturday, August 25, 2012
Photo ...

I’m a little sad today, as my digital camera has bitten the dust. I pulled over on my ride home from work yesterday, wanting a shot of an interesting warning sign on the fence around a demolition site. My trusty Minolta Dimage Z10 was in the trunk, so I got it out and walked over by the site. The sun was at my back, so everything looked good for a quick photo shoot. But when I pushed the button to power up, all was silent; no reassuring little ‘beep’. I peered into the viewer, and all was dark. I re-tried it a couple of times, but nothing. Dead as a doorknob.

When I got home later, after a nice dinner out with my brother, I replaced the batteries, hoping that it was just a bad battery issue. But no dice, there was nothing but darkness and silence where once there was light . . . a celebration of light, a capturing of light by thousands of little photo sensors. That would be no more.

I probably shouldn’t invest any feelings into a modern piece of plastic and microcircuits. I was probably lucky to get 6 years out of my Z10. It’s time time to move on; my next camera will probably cost less and do more (image stabilization would be nice to have). It also will probably be smaller and lighter, an important consideration in a suspicious world, where standing there with a big camera over your face is a sure way to invite questioning from the constables and even jumpy local residents. As a photographer trying to get close to things that security-conscious forces might not want you so close to, it’s best to keep one’s camera hidden out of sight as long as possible. I.e., pocket-size cameras are a photographer’s best friend in a post-nine eleven world.

And yet . . . this particular piece of plastic and rare earth elements seemed special to me. It helped me to create some interesting images. It helped me to be creative. It helped to preserve something of the essence from a lot of interesting scenes that I came across. Or so I thought, anyway.

So I’ll miss my way-behind-the-times Z10. In a few days, after a decent mourning period, I’ll get back on-line and start searching for a new camera. Maybe I’ll have it by next weekend.

This is a picture of my erstwhile main-picture-taker, along with the last shot taken by it. I was trying to capture a scene in Newark on a side street near downtown, where a few days before I had noticed something almost ethereal about the way the sun and morning haze was outlining the iron fire escapes. A few days later, when I took this shot, the sun was dimmed by a layer of high clouds and the mood was not the same. I was hoping to come back with my Z10 next week, on a clearer and brighter morning; but that will now be left to a newer generation of digital picture taking thingies.

Atque in perpetuum, Z10, ave atque vale.

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  1. Jim, Sorry to hear your camera died. I’m sure you will find a perfect “modern” replacement.

    I myself am still really back in the cave (wo)man days as I still use the old disposable cameras. In fact I was surprised when I went to the store the other day, and they still would develop the pictures for me. In these days of smart phones where everyone has all the pictures one will ever take on one phone (what a risk I say!) and/or people have modern cameras that will do everything but wash your clothes, I still am reduced to disposable cameras. I wonder how long it will take before they will not develop those pictues any more.

    Anyway, sorry your favorite camera died; I’m sure you will find the perfect thing you want/need.

    Then too, it dawned on me that altho you may really LOVE science as you once said in these blogs somewhere, I am glad you have a creative side and find a need to express that side. MCS

    Comment by Mary S. — August 26, 2012 @ 10:08 am

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