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Thursday, October 18, 2012
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Here’s a bit of trivia that an old Baby Boomer like myself could find interesting, maybe even a bit ironic. Remember the great Woodstock Music Festival of 1969? Well, I wasn’t there. But I do know that one of the dudes who helped pull it off was a fellow known as “Wavy Gravy“.

Mr. Gravy is variously touted as THE master of ceremony for Woodstock, and the chief of security . . . sort-of. He and his “Hog Farm” commune friends were designated as the team that would keep the multitudes from doing irresponsible or anti-social things. When you put 400,000 young people on a 600 acre plot (roughly like cramming the city of Atlanta into a square mile — Atlanta itself covers 132 squares), someone is going to act up, despite all the bonhomie about peace, pot, microdot, and making love not war. But Mr. Gravy and his “Please Force” managed to get everyone through it all without much more than an OD or two (actually, closer to 4,000 were treated for injuries or drug reactions, and two people died of heroin use; still not bad for something almost the size of Atlanta).

Mr. Gravy is still around, playing the quintessential hippie-clown role and doing some good here and there. His biggest political involvement seems to be his various “Nobody For President” campaigns. He proffers some clever political commentary when describing his “candidate”: e.g., “Nobody keeps his campaign promises” and “Nobody will lower your taxes”.

Oh, so what is the interesting bit of trivia about old Wavy, and how does it relate to politics? Well, it turns out that Wavy Gravy does have a “real name”: Hugh Romney. Hmmm, another Romney! Who would have thought that 43 years after ‘Woodstock nation’, the American nation would consider electing as its next President someone who shares Wavy Gravy’s true last name, but who represents almost the total anti-matter opposite of what Gravy was (and mostly still is) all about. So much for those bomber jet planes riding shotgun in the sky, turning into butterflies above our nation . . .

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  1. Jim, Yes, isn’t it true…all one has to do is look to one’s own family to find huge differences of opinion on politics. I only tho’t of this as it is not entirely out of the question that Mitt and Hugh (wavy gravy) are not themselves related, however, distantly. Over the years, I’ve found some distant cousins–3rd, 4th–some with the same name others with different names.

    (I must say, however, that wavy gravy being a clown is a big turn off for me; somehow clowns make me very unsettled; I never find them funny; well, maybe here and there in a circus but never outside of a circus. That’s just me, tho.)

    Yet nothing is more true than that all one has to do is look to one’s family to find that political differences could not be more diverse. I think of my own family: My parents were staunch Republicans; I’m sure to their regret most of their children (except one) turned out to be, for the most part, Democrats. (Here and there I might vote GOP; I’m really a registered Independent.)

    Thus, the generations proceed in their diversity. MCS

    Comment by Mary S. — October 19, 2012 @ 1:53 pm

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