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Friday, November 23, 2012
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We all have our various Thanksgiving traditions. One of my traditions is to get together with my brother later in the morning on Thanksgiving as to visit some local taverns and have a few beers. It’s not good to do that on an empty stomach, so I make sure to get a good, hearty breakfast on Thanksgiving. (Since I’m a vegetarian and a semi-hermit, I do not partake of the usual big Thanksgiving day dinner; but at least my breakfast is special.)

Thus, I have a second Thanksgiving tradition: making pancakes for myself in the morning. While making my pancakes yesterday, I started thinking about the various stories of people seeing the face of Jesus on a tortilla they were baking, e.g. a recent sighting in New Mexico, and another down there back in 1977. So I took a look at the pancake in my frying pan and wondered what I might see.

It was not Jesus. But I DID see something — a bunny rabbit!! As outlined in blue. A Thanksgiving Bunny Rabbit?!? But Thanksgiving is for turkeys, bunnies are for Easter!! And you are supposed to eat the turkey but not the bunny!!

Oh well, my life has always been a bit out of synch with the norm. Despite the bunny, my pancakes still tasted like pancakes (and were very enjoyable, thank you!!). But then again, people eat plenty of chocolate bunnies at Easter, and they don’t taste like rabbit either.

This experience was a nice bookend to something I say right around Easter in 2010 — i.e., a turkey! I was leaving a supermarket parking lot in Bloomfield, NJ, and there in the middle of the road was a live turkey, just standing there. So, I saw an Easter turkey, and now a Thanksgiving bunny. What’s next? Reindeer on July 4th and Uncle Sam giving away presents in late December? (The cranky conservative pundits would say that the latter is already happening!!)

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  1. Jim, I saw the rabbit in the first picture. Maybe you have a penchant for making pancakes that “look” like something.

    Glad you enjoyed your breakfast on Thanksgiving. I doubt it matters what one eats on Thanksgiving as it’s really an American tradition; other countries don’t have the Thanksgiving tradition we have. One time my sister had friends over from Brazil. They were told what to “expect” for the dinner on Thanksgiving. At one point they went through a kind of check list of things that matched the expectations they were told to have.

    But certainly in other countries they have their own traditions. A couple I can think of are in China–the New Year festival and the Moon festival. Not sure they still keep all these various festivals, but I do know they still keep the Chinese New Year festival.

    I imagine the Middle Eastern countries all have their own festivals too. So, I guess one sticks with the festivals one knows.

    Imagine the changes that have to be made by immigrants when they first arrive in this country! Forget their own (hardly, I’m sure) and take on the new ones (slowly but surely, I’m also sure). I digress.

    Glad you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving breakfast. MCS

    Comment by Mary S. — November 24, 2012 @ 3:15 pm

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