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Saturday, September 28, 2013
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I don’t get to New York City much anymore, despite living only 14 miles from it. But today I took a train into the big city to attend the wedding of a former work associate who I have occasionally stayed in touch with over the years. On the way home, I took a look at the streets and blocks in mid-town that I once did frequent — because I once worked there. Back in the mid-to-late 1980s I worked at Penn Plaza near Madison Square Garden and Penn Station. The PP1 complex spanned the ground between 33rd and 34th Streets, and thus I took a few shots there just before scampering down to my train home for sweet New Jersey.

First up is a human-scale shot, New York from street level and people level. Mid-town Manhattan is an incredibly dense amalgamation of humankind on a pleasant Saturday afternoon, and West 33rd Street is doing its part here to host the hordes who find one reason or another to be in the big town. To be honest, it really does make the less crowded suburbs of Jersey seem a bit sweeter!

In the next shot, you see good old Penn Plaza One (I actually had a window view of uptown from my desk on the 51st floor). Penn Plaza is on a very different scale than the first shot. The PP1 building is dark, angular, cold-looking, overwhelming — a left-over from the brutalist architectural movement of the 1960s. I used to call it “the monolith“.

Oh, as to the wedding . . . a lovely ceremony for a lovely couple, held up at Saint Barts. What’s that, you really want to see a picture? Well . . . OK, I guess . . . why not (unless someone complains). Wishing them the best, although they seem to be off to a happy start here!

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  1. Jim, Many wonderful wishes to the happy couple for a happy life together!

    Funny how most big cities look similar. The view from the street where the people are is similar to the big city I worked in for so many years but is far from NYC. A few details change, but that’s about all.

    And the view of the skyscrapper…much the same as skyscrappers in large cities. I used to think of the term “canyons” that was used to describe so many streets in Chicago, and how completely accurate it was with all the large buildings stretching up to the sky. Now and then I’d have occasion to stand in one of the top floors. Perhaps I should not mention this, but I always noted in the ladies’ room that the water in the toilets would sway on very windy days–as the building swayed in the wind. It amazed me that the building could sway so much, I’d not even feel the sway, and still the building was solid. Somehow that always amazed me. I don’t know if tall buildings still sway in the wind; maybe they make them differently these days from the old one I was in.

    Cities take on their own personalities. Suburbs have their own personalities. And I imagine farm areas also have their own personalities. It’s as if these areas becomes living organisms themselves. MCS

    Comment by Mary — September 29, 2013 @ 1:24 pm

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