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Saturday, October 12, 2013
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It was a somewhat interesting day today. I got up early, as I usually do on Saturday, and after finishing my oatmeal I decided to drive over to the South Paterson Food Market, to pick up some fruits and veggies. As I have written before, I always enjoy going there; lots of different produce there for sale, great prices, and a very interesting mix of people (this isn’t your usual upper-income suburban farmers market, these are mostly working class people looking to get by). While driving up East Railway Avenue (where the markets and street bins are located) towards the parking lots, I saw a rainbow in the sky. Most interesting, given that it hadn’t been raining. The morning sun was shining thru some wispy clouds, and somehow a rainbow effect was created on the other end of the sky. Other people on the street stopped to look at it too.

Then, while inside of one of the stores getting a carton of soy milk (at least a $1 cheaper than in the local supermarket in Montclair), an old guy originally from South America started talking to me about what is wrong with this country. I wasn’t in any hurry, so I gave him some attention, and we stood there talking (mostly him talking and me listening) amidst the swirling crowd for about 20 minutes. I remember him saying that he was retired, and I guess that he just needed someone to chat with. Hey, glad to be there for him; I’m getting to be an old guy myself these days, and it ain’t always easy for me either to find friendly people to interact with.

Then I got home and stored away all the tomatoes and apples and onions and such. I decided to put on my running gear and take a half-hour jog, and when passing the front of my house, I noticed something tiny yet somewhat out of place. Was that a crocus blooming near the sidewalk, in the middle of October? A sign of spring, just as the cold winds get ready to blow and the leaves start to fall? Well, after I finished my run, I got my camera out, as to share this nice little surprise with the world. Not a bad Saturday; cheap food, a morning rainbow, an interesting old guy, and a crocus in October. A good omen for us old guys facing the autumn of our own lives? Hey, I’ll take it! [Ironically in a good way, it is early spring right now where my food store conversation partner came from . . . perhaps crocuses are also blooming in the town or village where he came from!]

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  1. Jim, What a day of omens! A rainbow with no rain and a crocus in October. At least 2 omens! with the man from South America where summer approaches, being part of the 2nd one! In the old days truly these would would be considered omens. You, I see, are interpreting them as good omens; and I say *great*!

    We can use some good omens, and two of them couldn’t be better! Even the fact that there were two omens so close together might be a 3rd omen in itself!
    I hope your good omens spill over to the rest of the world as it needs some good omens after this year we are having. And the picture of the lovely crocus, appearing to have its “tongue” hanging out for more sun, is lovely! Crocus amaze me how they almost beg for the sun, turning immediately to the sun and opening their petals, saying, “more please!” MCS (And this turned into a comment of “!’s”!)

    Comment by Mary — October 12, 2013 @ 5:55 pm

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