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Monday, December 2, 2013
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Another Christmas season is underway; the decorations and shopping rituals start so early these days! And at the same time, the shadows grow long and the days grow short as another autumn turns to winter.

This is just a pic to keep us all humble, a pic in synch with the real spirit of the season. To everything there is a season . . . and a truly joyful season will yet return. But for now, as joyful non-religious, quasi-Christmas music fills the land, it’s mostly a season of denial.

◊   posted by Jim G @ 4:34 pm      

  1. Jim, It seems the holidays are for young people–the younger the better. It’s only too true that as one ages, more and more people die; and one is reminded of those one misses.

    But that’s a part of life too. Somehow I like cemeteries. I like walking through them, reading the headstones, and wondering about people. I’ve seen a whole family with the same death date and wondered what happened there. So many mysteries.

    Yet, for those who have had near-death experiences (or even actual death experiences), it’s not as grim as it seems for others. My sister had either a “near-death” or an actual “death” experience when she was a young girl. I remember as she started to recover, she became very irritable. Later she explained that she did not want to come back from where she had been so happy. And that feeling remained with her for her entire life. So maybe death is only hard on those of us who remain.

    Yet, surely now and then in spirit those who have died before us come and visit us, if they aren’t too busy in the next life. So maybe we should take a different approach and view of life and death.

    The holidays are so commercial and so artificial in so many ways, perhaps it’s better to take a more spiritual approach to the holidays. After all, that’s really what the intention for them was about in the first place. It’s only been recently that “Black Friday” and all the hoopla that is designed to entice people to spend money hss become so dominant. MCS

    Comment by Mary — December 3, 2013 @ 12:00 pm

  2. Jim, Nelson Mandela’s death reminds me of how many people die just before, during, and just after the holidays. So some further tho’ts:

    Perhaps it’s not that so many people die during that time but just that it *seems* almost an “inappropriate” time to die; yet, there is *no appropriate* time to die. People likely die at the same rate during the holidays as they do all year long; it’s just that it *seems* an inappropriate time to die–that is, if one can call the holidays an “inappropriate time” to die?

    Giving it some thought, perhaps it’s a most appropriate time to die as it is a spiritual time of the year. (Only for most people that spiritual aspect is lost in the fuss about decorations and presents.) MCS

    Comment by Mary — December 6, 2013 @ 2:36 pm

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