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Monday, June 16, 2014
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I use stats for my blog, and I recently took a look at the worldwide breakdown of where my views originate (and presumably where my viewers live). Here is a partial breakdown covering the past year or so:

USA: 30.8%
United Kingdom: 13.3%
Canada: 11.2%
Australia & New Zealand: 8.0%
India: 5.5%
Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore: 5.0%

Is there any common thread here? Well, at least 72% of my traffic comes from former British Empire colonies (or in case of the Philippines, a former colony of a former colony). So, my blog is a British Empire phenomenon!!!! To the degree that a handful of hits a day could be said to reflect a “phenomenon” . . .

Nonetheless, Hail Britannia!!! Perhaps I should have a gin and tonic, that great British colonial drink, to celebrate!!!!

◊   posted by Jim G @ 4:22 pm      

  1. Jim, Got behind my comments; hope to cathch up. I’ll agree with you on who exactly reads your blog. Yet, I wonder if perhaps the fact that most of those who read it are English speaking (or some dialect thereof) has a lot to do with who reads what.

    I’ve seen the same kind mapping of readers of blogs written in English; most of the readership comes from English speaking countries, with a lesser amount coming from countries that do not have English (or some form thereof) as their primary language.

    What tends to amaze me is how many people whose primary language is not English do, actually, speak and write English–and do that very well. I’m amazed at that as I think: I could not read or write Chinese or Russian or any Middle Eastern language–to say nothing of the other European languages I should be more familiar with.

    And believe it or not I’ve made some half hearted attempts at learning some Middle Eastern languages. The reason that I’ve been so unsuccessful is that I really did ot put enough effort into learning the language–at least to be able to read it on a rudimentary level. I’m amazed at the fact that there really are so many people from Eastern and Middle Eastern countries that actually speak and write English very well. I’ve left out here the other languages that are Western but which I certainly should include.

    Seems to me America is quite behind in its knowledge of these other languages. We should do better at them. MCS

    Comment by Mary S. — June 28, 2014 @ 11:02 am

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