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Wednesday, October 22, 2014
Science ...

A quick PS to an earlier post on dark matter and one of my favorite candidates to explain it (or at least a big part of it), i.e. the purported axion particles. My earlier post was entitled “The Dark Side: Have We Tripped Over Axions?“. Well, another study has come in indicating that perhaps we have. Some unexpected variations in the x-ray readings from space (coming specifically from the zone not too far from our planet, where the earth’s magnetic field has its presence) indicate that our sun may be spitting out axions. These particles would somehow be expected (by the theoretical physicists who understand all the math) to interact with the earth’s magnetic fields and cause a few more x-rays than otherwise expected.

Very cool. However, further tests need to be made to eliminate other possible causes. So, axions aren’t over the goal line yet, but they seem to be marching up the field. And I’m in the stands cheering for them!

◊   posted by Jim G @ 10:50 am      

  1. Jim, I find myself actually unable to comment on the above. If I once knew what Axions were, I have forgotten; if I once understood what their function is, I have forgotten that too.

    However, to show just how much I do not know about Axions, I will say the following: I find myself wondering just why scientists are so surprised when they find “new” things, such as you mention above.

    Seems to me that likely several dimensions exist on the same plane we are on, except we are unable to see them or know them as we are restricted to our three dimensions. Would not Axions fit in the category of existing in another dimension? Then again, as I say, I likely am mixing apples and oranges with dimensions.

    Then too, there is always my favorite thought that scientists find what it is they are looking for; in other words, it’s the searching that brings into existence what is searched for. Of course, I’m probably way off base on this too because I’m not a scientist and do not “speak” math, as is obvious. MCS

    Comment by Mary S. — October 22, 2014 @ 1:23 pm

  2. Mary — that’s why you read my blog, so as to stay up on stuff like axions! As to extra-dimensional existence — this might be true, but a whole lot of thing (like axions) are still left to be discovered or better understood within the 3D + time realm that we know.

    As to scientists finding what they are looking for — yes, of course! Does that make it any less interesting? Or less potentially useful? Science doesn’t promise you the ‘true meaning of life’. Axions won’t lead you any closer to enlightenment or salvation. Nonetheless, much of what we have come to expect and take for granted in modern life came about because of scientists who looked for something that they thought might exist, and found it. The important thing is that scientists do NOT find EVERYTHING they look for. They have very fertile imaginations and look for a LOT of things.

    Science is the process of filtering out what might be valuable and helpful to humankind from what remains within the realm of the imaginary. Without that process — well, do you really want to go back to living in a world like say Julian of Norwich knew? People really didn’t live all that long back then. You would not have anything like a Baby Boomer retirement crisis back then, because no one lived to retirement age. Now a lot of us do — thanks in large part to scientists finding what they were (and hopefully will continue to be) looking for.

    Comment by Jim G — October 23, 2014 @ 8:29 pm

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