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Saturday, January 9, 2016
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On the weather front, it’s an El Nino winter. Up here in eastern New Jersey, we’re definitely feeling it. Which is nice for us (not so nice in other places of the world, where needed rainfall is lacking or too much rain comes down), because the warm air coming up from the Pacific equatorial region (where El Nino mainly does its thing) has delayed the onset of cold and snow. The past two winters here were quite cold and snowy, and the temporary reprieve (only temporary, as we will soon get some true cold spells and a handful of snow storms) is definitely appreciated. By me, anyway; there are some “snow people” who have been upset about this, such as “Weather Willy” (who keeps a very good weather blog, despite his bias towards wintery weather).

Aside from a handful of upset winter-weather fans, the El Nino has also caused some consternation in the natural world. We had a relatively cool and normal November, so the 50 and 60 degree temps in mid-December confused a lot of trees and plants. Just a few blocks from my house are these fruit trees, which took the bait. These photos were taken last Saturday, the day after New Years Day. A few days later it was down in the teens and twenties, and the little taste of “way too early spring” was over.

We might still get a handful of temperate afternoons with temps in the lower 40s, but for the most part, the party is over. It’s time to get on with winter.

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  1. Jim, Amazing! that the trees by you are budding! I think if the pictures had not been there, I might have wondered if it could be true. But the poor trees: What will happen to them now? Do they have enough time to prepare for protecting themselves in the winter? I wonder what the trees would have to say about the whole thing.

    In the Midwest we’ve had “warm” weather (40s for the most part) but no budding trees; well, at least no buddying trees that are obvious.

    For some reason I keep thinking of those people who lived how many thousand years ago when there had been a change from warm to cold climate. Those people may have been more primitive than we, but they were still people; if they had not been there how would we have evolved to be here; so I see them as being owed respect. Climate change must have been most difficult for them and must also have led to the demise of many of them. One day warm; next way freezing.

    They didn’t even have weather reports to prepare for the weather. Although that may have been a good thing in some respects. All the anxiousness that precedes a cold spell only makes society a place of anxiety when actually we’ve been through much worse in previous years. Seems everything is relative. The temps may be warmer but dealing with ice and freezing rain and hail, etc., is no picnic either.

    Your pictures are amazing; and you named them *perfectly*–pseudo-spring. MCS

    Comment by Mary S. — January 9, 2016 @ 7:04 pm

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