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Thursday, July 28, 2016
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Here’s a link to an interesting article on some recent research on what people think about their own voices. It turns out that many people “cringe” when listening to their own voices played back from a recording.

And I thought that I was the only one !!

Albeit — another study found that when people were asked to rate their impressions regarding the attractiveness of another by listening to their voice, on average they rated themselves most attractive (i.e., they were asked to rate 3 or 4 different voice samples, and unbeknownst to the listener, one of the voices was their own). So perhaps many of us don’t like the sound of our own voices, but we still like the image of the person behind the voice. Ah, we humans are such complex creatures.

Well, that’s all from me for tonight. Despite all the Democratic Convention hubbub, I don’t find anything too interesting going on in politics right at the moment. But here are two “other shoes” waiting to drop. First — regarding Hillary — good old Julian Assange and Wikileaks got the convention off to a rough start with the DNC leaks about Bernie Sanders. And then there was the Russian angle . . . were those e-mails given to Wikileaks by Russian government interests who obtained them via hacking, who then saved them up for the start of the Convention, for maximum damage and chaos?

We can’t say for sure right now. But don’t forget that Assange also claims that he has a cache of incriminating e-mails from Hillary’s “damn” e-mail server from her tenure as Secretary of State, yet to be released to the public. And even though the FBI let Clinton off the hook, if Wikileaks has some juicy stuff courtesy of the Russian Army or whoever, that could be a bombshell as far as the election goes. Is this going to be another matter of timing? I.e., are the Russians going to give Wikileaks the good stuff just before the election, say around October 30? Something to think about.

The second political shoe in the air fits Donald Trump, and also has some Russian leather to it. I.e., conservative commentator George Will just speculated that Trump is refusing to release his tax returns because they will show that Trump has strong financial ties with Russian oligarchs. And that could also be a bombshell. Trump is controlling the damage so far by making up a wide range of excuses for his secrecy. But you can bet that a host of investigators are staying up late working this question. And if one of them hits paydirt before November, well, get ready for some more big headlines. This time, advantage Clinton.

Even if things are boring at the moment (same old Democratic blah blah), there still may be more fun on the way!

◊   posted by Jim G @ 9:26 pm      

  1. Jim, Years ago I had the experience of listening to my own voice, maybe about 60/65 years ago I lead a group in song quite a bit. I remember it, and I think somewhat clearly: I startled myself at first. It wasn’t so much a “cringing” at hearing myself but more a surprise to hear myself cuz I don’t think a person hears oneself as one sounds to others. It was somewhat like: “Oh! THAT’S what I sound like to others!” Listening to oneself gives a person a chance to hear how one sounds to another, and it’s a surprise more than a “cringe”, I think, at least for me.

    I might also add that after a while, I grew to really enjoy and love hearing myself . . . well, not so much “myself” as hearing the beauty of the single person and the whole. But I DO remember that people would tell me that they could hear my voice stand out among the group’s, while I could NOT hear myself within the group at all.

    I think it must be that our own voice reverberates within our head (even brain?) such that to us it sounds different than it does to others. Anybody outside the person does not hear the reverberation within the person’s head that the person hears.

    And as I’ve gotten older, I’ve been very aware as I heard my voice go thru several changes. OR have they been only changes in the reverberation of the sound within my own head? Don’t know.

    As to Wikileaks and emails: I tend to think that if people like you and me can figure out that a good time to leak anything they may yet have is close to the election, so can both Hillary and Trump figure that out, to say nothing of Russia. Surely, they have prepared for such an eventuality.

    A month or so ago “Vanity Fair” had an interesting article on Trump and his money and the possibilities of where he is probably hiding big bunches of it; one thing that author did NOT mention was any possible financial ties Trump may have with Russia. Well! Add that to the collection of things Trump may be doing with all his money.

    I must say that someone who had a need to walk around saying “I’m rich” over and over and over . . . somehow or other seems to me to be not that rich. I’ve seen it before­­or maybe it was only cuz the people I’m thinking of are/were relatively ordinary people for whom a modest amount of money meant “rich”. Nevertheless, walking around saying “I’m rich” as Trump seems to have a need to do is some kind of compensation for some lack of . . . what? money? something else? OR perhaps it is a “hint” of sorts of his ability to hide his money in a place one might not think of, say perhaps Russia, as G. Will mentions.

    Furthermore, I find it strange that if someone like me were to say what Trump has said about Russia interfering in our election, I wonder just how long it would take for the FBI to come knocking at my door. Why can Trump, hoping to be prez, get away with that with impunity?

    One more thing: I do not think it’s the “same old Democratic blah blah); a woman has been nominated, a history making time in our country. I find myself going back over my life and being amazed at all the history I’ve seen made in my lifetime; start with WWII, and keep going. WOW! It’s a “who’d’ve thunk!” MCS

    Comment by Mary S. — July 29, 2016 @ 2:46 pm

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