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Monday, July 31, 2017
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I haven’t gone hiking much lately — that’s become another casualty of old age for me. But I did get around to a short stroll not long ago up in one of the local “mini-forest” preserves nearby (Eagle Rock Park in Essex County, NJ). It certainly was nice to be surrounded by woods and sunshine once again.

Unfortunately, natural spots in urban areas are too often littered with human debris. So, the first shot shows a typical Eastern woodland scene on a typical summer morning. And despite the “typicality” of the scene, I think it’s quite easy to see the sacredness of nature in it, the preciousness of the living layer that envelops our planet. The next shot shows a soda can that someone felt they could discard at a spot like this, as though it was just another human garbage dumpster. How can people be so blind? This is hallowed ground!!

Sure, the world has much bigger problems today than litter in a park. E.g., nuclear missiles in North Korea, Donald Trump, access to health care, wage stagnation, climate change . . . where do you begin? Well, I think you begin with every individual’s mind and soul. And throwing garbage in a forest is a sign of a much deeper flaw in human character, a flaw that ultimately manifests itself as an increasingly troubled world. So start small and don’t trash the forest!

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  1. Jim, Boy, are you right! I remember a long time ago (perhaps too long ago for you even to remember) there was a “no litter campaign) on in the country. Everybody was supposed to (and I think most people did) keep some kind of trash bag in their car for “garbage” that was inevitable while riding in a car, e.g., wrappers from food or candy or whatnot.

    It got to where nobody at all would be caught throwing something out of a car window or just tossing something here or there. In fact, these days I still keep an empty bag in the car for just such things that need throwing away.

    BUT, I also notice that people in cars I see have no hesitation whatsoever of tossing out of their car window a McDonald’s carton of some kind, be it a drinking cup or food wrappers, whatever. It really annoys me, most especially when I find a car passing my house and someone tossing right in front of my house a whole bag of McDonald’s leftovers out of their window, leaving ME to pick up their garbage.

    And the same with the soda can in your pictue; left for somebody else to pick up. I find the need to get “volunteers” (which we have had around here; don’t know about where you are) to clean up streets and highways superfluous.

    It seems to me with all the talk about taking good care of Mother Earth that is current these days, why is there a need for people to clean up others’ garbage when it would be so simple to keep a small bag of some kind in the car for such “leftovers” and toss it in the garbage when one gets home. MCS

    Comment by Mary S. — August 1, 2017 @ 10:16 am

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