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Saturday, August 3, 2019
Politics ...

OK, I’ve fallen behind again with my blog. Problem is, I want to write some brilliant essay on a deep subject, and life keeps distracting me from it. Once upon a time, I could fight off those distractions and post something twice a week. But now I’m gettin’ old.

So until I get around to completing my next brilliant essay (and yes, that is sort of a joke), I’m gonna give in and treat this blog like a Twitter account (which I don’t have, and never will!). I.e., I’m going to lower my standards and post some raw stuff without much detail. Just to keep it from dying.

Here are my thoughts from the 2nd Democratic debates, last Tuesday and Wednesday. I actually wrote these for a friend of mine at work, someone who is also a wannabe political pundit (but a very conservative one, very much a supporter of Trump and his world). But I am now going to share them with whoever might be interested here, raw though they are — to wit:

It’s now Looking like the Dems will come down to Joe vs Warren, once all of the amazing side-shows and encore performances play themselves out. Well, that’s how it looks to me, anyway. (I hope that the Marianne Williamson side-show will last for a while!). Trump may be right – by the time the Dems hit the closing gavel at the Milwaukee convention next July, Joe might squeak by. However, the centrist vs. leftist battles are gonna be brutal and the war will be long – whoever is left standing is gonna be severely wounded.

Michelle Obama coming out of hiding during the convention to calm the roiling waters and save the day? Michael Moore seems to think so! (I can almost imagine a take-off on the scene from Matthew 14:24-27, with Michelle walking on the water to save the wind-tossed Democrat ship, admonishing them “you of little faith, why did you doubt?”).

But Michelle is still saying No Dice – or is she playing hard to get?

Still, the leftists have been going after Obama lately, as seen on Tuesday and Wednesday nites – so even charming and classy Michelle may not be able to placate them. The Dems are in for civil war, a French Revolution, and no one will be allowed any middle ground. The Jacobin’s have been unleashed. If you’re not with them 100%, off with your head !

However, the betting markets today still have an even split in the generic “party winning the White House in 2020”. I’d think that the GOP would be gaining, given what the Dems will be going thru over the next 12 months. But they betters are not anticipating salvation from Michelle — they have her odds at roughly 1 in 125. However, that’s about the same odds that they are giving to Julian and Beto right now.

Interestingly, the betting people think that Hillary Clinton is a better bet than Michelle — her odds are about 1 in 62 right now. This, even though back in March Hillary swore that she would not run. However, she also said “I’m not going anywhere” in that interview. So if all else fails and Michelle seems a little too frail to get in the ring with Trump — could it be time for a Clinton-Trump rematch, a la Rocky II?

Wouldn’t that be something? Cue the Rocky Theme Song! (Gonna Fly Now by Bill Conte).

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