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Thursday, August 8, 2019
Politics ...

A few days ago (Aug 3), I posted some raw thoughts on the state of the Democratic Presidential candidate situation, and I opined that the odds of a brokered convention were fairly significant, although still less than 50-50 (I would say maybe 1 out of 3). And I thought that if the primary delegate system does break down in Milwaukee next July, Hilary Clinton would have a good shot of being the Chosen One. I felt that Michelle Obama was a bit too classy and maybe a bit too frail to take Trump on face-to-face; despite the buzz that she is getting, e.g. Michael Moore’s recent promotion of a Michelle Obama candidacy.

However, a few days later, I was discussing my theory about Hilary with my conservative Trump-supporting political friend at work, and he said that thinks it would be good if Michelle does not run.

Which got me thinking . . . hey, if a rabid Trump supporter says that Michelle’s staying on the sidelines would be good, then perhaps I was missing something in my previous analysis. I wrote my friend a response to his response, and I will share some of it next:

Oh, so M.O. worries you . . . you hope that I’m right that she isn’t up to it . . . most interesting !!!

I think I’m starting to see it . . . yes

If the Dems go into chaos and the back-room people take the helm in Milwaukee – oh boy, imagine the scene outside the hall. Chicago 1968 all over again, Antifas going full throttle.

So the big boys draft Michelle, they put a $$$ muzzle on the indoor lefties (the Warren/Sanders axis), and Michelle makes a wonderful speech that calms the waters with the rabble in the streets – her first miracle.

Trump throws mud at her left and right, as usual – but of course, she goes high when they go low. She would just leave it all unanswered, she would mostly ignore Trump right thru election night. At the debates, she would just pretend that he’s not there, stick to her points, keeps smiling.

Trump has a lock on his 40% base, as you point out.

BUT – suburban women are very turned off by the GOP response to the shootings. And Michelle totally owns suburban women, so Trump completely loses them. And Michelle would also amp up black turnout. Between those two effects, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan are gone from Trump, back in the blue. North Carolina flips blue, and so does Georgia! Perhaps Trump pulls off a flip in Minnesota and holds Arizona (which is gonna be tough for him), but ain’t enough. One term Trump.

THANKS MUCH . . . now I get it!

Michael Moore, you are right! Long live Queen Michelle!

(Actually, the country could do a whole lot worse than having Michelle Obama as its President. E.g., having Trump for another four years!).

PS — and now the far-right nationalist Stephen Bannon, in his capacity as a pundit, is speculating that the Democrats will draft Michelle Obama once they realize that all of their current prospects aren’t ready to go toe-to-toe with Trump!

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  1. Hi Jim,

    ‘So glad to see that you’re keeping your blog up-to-date!

    The folks who are currently in the running leave quite a bit to be desired in my estimation. It would not be surprising to me that, in the end, the Demoncratic candidate for the Presidency will be backed by big family money, as were the Roosevelts, Jack Kennedy and Donald Trump; someone with a slightly left-of -center platform. To make this somewhat palatable to the extreme left wing, the running mate could be chose from the current ranks, such as Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris or Cory Booker. In any case, sparks will fly. This will be a wild election year!

    P.S. I wonder if anybody will challenge Trump at the Republican convention. This is going to be fun to watch!

    Comment by Allan Lacki — August 18, 2019 @ 2:23 pm

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