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Thursday, July 9, 2020
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My office recently started bringing people back on a regular basis, although for now most are alternating between a week from home and a week in the office. Most of us were ordered in mid-March to work from home until further notice; I lasted to March 20 before I was told to go home. But now the place is coming back to life, even if it won’t be at full speed anytime soon. Even though I occasionally stopped by my office for an hour or two over the past 3 months, the place mostly seemed like a “dead ship”.

Now I will be there for full days, even if not 5 days a week. So on Monday it was time to get my office calendar updated. When I arrived, I noticed that I hadn’t changed the calendar page since April. It’s as if time stood still. I took down the pages for April, May and June, and then wondered — where did the time go? It’s like COVID just sucked them up and made them disappear. Before I threw out these sheets, I took a pic, as a tribute to the “lost months” of 2020.

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