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Saturday, October 31, 2020
Personal Reflections ...

Just a few thoughts on old age. Here’s where I am — and I’m just getting started! (going for the big 68 soon).

Every day when you get up, you take stock of the situation —

Your time left in this life is limited; the end is not that far out there

You have scraps and bits of broken dreams from younger days lying all around you.

You have a handful of small accomplishments, but they seem tiny and insignificant compared to the debris of past imaginings.

You have assets and liabilities.

Your body is a big source of liability

You aren’t as strong as you used to be

You are gaining weight

You have a lot more weird things where your body ain’t working right and it doesn’t just go away quickly, like it used to

Your senses ain’t what they used to be — eyes and ears aren’t getting any better.

And how are your relationships? You are getting to the point where you lose friends to death.

You try a little harder to hold on to the friends you have, and take advantage of the opportunities to make new friends. But those don’t happen as much as they used to.

You wonder about the things that you believed in when you were younger. Are you still as sure about them as you once were? Are they really gonna help make sense of it all as death approaches?

You have so many good memories. But your memory is slowly going on you. So many things you’ve already forgotten.

Getting old ain’t easy. But hey, someone’s gotta do it. There must be some reason for it. Most humans will have their turn at it. It’s a time of mystery, of so many unanswerable questions. And those unanswered questions just keep piling up as we get older and older.

With every unanswered question comes frustration. But also comes hope. As we approach death and the questions become more and more unanswerable, the hope becomes more and more undefined. Hope in what, exactly? It’s just raw hope at some point. That’s all that we can take along with us to the final moment.

◊   posted by Jim G @ 4:10 pm      

  1. Jim, This was a relatively pessimistic post, which is a little bit out of character for you.

    Getting old isn’t easy, but I don’t think I would want to return to my earlier life either. Been there. Done that! New challenges going forward.

    We should’t expect to believe in the same things as when we were younger. The “facts” we believed in may no longer be true. I have come to believe that facts have an expiration date – even though it is more comforting to believe otherwise.

    Feel free to call me, my friend, when you would like to talk. Or let me know when I can call you. I have unlimited minutes!

    Comment by Zreebs — November 13, 2020 @ 4:13 am

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