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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

THE BEGINNING OF A “S.A.D.” ENDING: We’ve had a relatively easy winter here in New Jersey. There were a couple of snowy days and a couple of cold snaps, when it went down to 7 or 8 degrees. But we’ve had nothing like the Siberian conditions experienced out in the Midwest, with weeks of snow and sub zero temps.

But even a mild winter gets me down. There are still too many short gray days and long dark nights. I think that Seasonal Affective Disorder has been getting to me. But sometime during this past weekend, it struck me that it’s March. Then the sun came out and the air had changed: the smell of plant life growing had returned, if only faintly. There could still be an Arctic front and we could still get snow. But you know that the “S.A.D.-ness” will soon be coming to an end.

Back in December I posted a crude translation of a little poem about the start of winter, from some Russian lady’s blog site. She marveled about how winter could be “cozy” and “bright”. But the truth is that winter is more dimness and grunge, even when it’s relatively tame. Here’s a pick that I took a few weeks ago which captures the feel of winter. It also helps to explain why it feels so good when the gray finally starts going away.


I can't help wondering whether the coming daylight savings time, starting on Sunday, March 9--which will push back the "starting to get light in the morning time" from about 6 a.m. now to about 7 a.m--will bring a new onset of S.A.D. DST also pushes BACK the "starting to get dark time" when people's natural biorhythms tend to slow down and prepare the body for rest. And once again Americans (or is it the rest of the world too?) fly in the face of nature. I also realize I'm probably the only one in the entire U.S. who thinks like this.
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