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Sunday, April 13, 2008

My landlord had a bug exterminator come over yesterday morning, and he told us to clear out for a couple of hours (they were using Phantom, which is a heavy-duty pesticide). I was rather upset by this, but actually it didnít turn out so badly. The landlord agreed not to spray in my apartment, since I havenít seen any bugs for quite a while now (knock on wood). And it got me out of the house on a half-way decent Saturday morning in April. I went over to the local nature preserve and took a mini-hike with my camera. And here below are some of my shots.

After the hike, incidentally, I was reading a book in the parking lot while awaiting the 2 PM return time. I noticed some guy in a car who kept on circling around the complex, stopping and parking near my car, then after 5 or 10 minutes leaving. He did this about six or seven times before he finally disappeared. Actually, he parked closer to my car on the last two or three passes. Very strange. Or do some gay guys still cruise obscure parking lots (and bathroom stalls Ė remember Senator Larry Craig)? I know that parking lots were once a big gay scene here in NJ, but I thought that with the Internet, such indiscretions became obsolete. It all seemed kind-of pathetic to me, not to mention a waste of energy and clean air; but then again, we heteros have our stupidities too. Especially when spring is in the air and the skunk cabbage is blooming. As evident in the pics below.




Once again, beautiful pictures! You really have an eye for what makes a lovely picture.

And yes, the little sprouts certainly can catch one's attention at this time of the year. It's always so good to see the start of the new growth.

As to the guy "cruising" your car: I'd have started to wonder when the shooting was going to start--but then I've got my Chicago "take" on such things. Likely you are right; perhaps it was someone looking for an encounter.

Once again, for all your supposed "nerdiness" you certainly have the heart of an artist as is evident from your pix.
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